Agreements & Deeds

Adoption Deed Download
Agreement Between Employer and Workman Download
Agreement for sale Download
Agreement for Sale of Flat Download
Agreement of Deposit of Title Deeds Download
Agreement Between Owner And Builder for Construction of Building Download
Agreement for Hire-Purchase of Car Through Finance Company Download
Agreement Between Owner and Contractor for Labour Supply Download
Agreement for Job Contract Download
Agreement of Service Contract Download
Arbitration Agreement Between Partners Download 
Contract of Employment for Fixed Period Download
Deed of cancellation Download
Deed of Family Settlement Download
Deed of Indemnity Download
Deed of Partition Download
Deed of Partition Between Co-owners Download
Deeds of Plot - Collection Download
Deed of Rectification Download
Deed of Ratification Download
Deed of Revocation / Cancellation of Power of Attorney Download
Deed of Settlement Download
Deed of Settlement for Divorce of Marriage Download
Deed of Trust Download
Deed of Undertaking Download
Easmentry right granting of way Download
Employment Agreement Download
Employment Agreement - Service Bond Download
Exchange Deed Download
General Power of Attorney Download
General Power of Attorney in Respect of Vehicle Download
Gift Deed Download
Gift With Condition for Revocation Download
Hire Purchase Agreement Download
Hire Purchase of Vehicle Agreement Download
Independent Contractor's Agreement Download
Installment Money Bond Download
Licence Agreement Download
Leave & Licence Agreement Download
Lease Agreement-2 Download
Lease Deed/Agreement of House Download
Lease Deed Download
Model BYE -LAWS of Society Download
Model Memorandum of Society Download
Partnership Deed Download
Power of Attorney for Appearing Before Court Download
Power of Attorney for Incorporation of a Company Download
Recruitment Agreement with Consultancy Download
Release Deed Download
Renewal of Service Contract Download
Rent Agreement Download
Revocation of Will Download
Recession of Employment Agreement Download
Sale Deed Download
Sale Deed of Apartment - General Download
Sale Deed of Apartment - First Sale Download
Sale Deed of Apartment - Second Sale Download
Separation Agreement Between Husband and Wife Download
Simple Compromise Agreement Download
Simple Mortgage Deed Download
Simple Money Bond Download
Special Power of Attorney Download
Will - 1 Download
Will - 2 Download