Lease Deed/Agreement of House

                                                             LEASE DEED

This LEASE DEED made on this ___ September 2012 at ______ between Mr.____ aged __ years, S/o.____ residing at ______ hereinafter referred to as the Lessor which expression shall wherever occurs shall mean and include their legal heirs and nominees of the ONE PART
And Mr._____, aged about__ years S/o.___ residing at _____ hereinafter called the Lessee which expression wherever occurs shall mean and include his nominees and assigns of the OTHER PART


The Lessor represents that he is the  absolute owner of the property bearing Ground Floor including parking facilities (1182 sqft), ____address______   and the Lessee  has agreed to take on lease the said property  belonging to the Lessor on the condition contained hereinafter.

A.           That in consideration of the rent, the Lessor  hereby grants to the Lessee the right to occupy and use the said premises including all existing fittings, fixtures, electrical, sanitary, gates etc., (list attached) carefully described in the schedule forming part of this deed at a monthly rent  of  Rs.___/- (Rupees --- thousand only).
B.           That the Lessee shall pay a monthly rent` of Rs.____/- (Rupees ---- thousand only). for the leased premises of the Lessor.  The house tax and other taxes will be borne by the Lessor .
C.           That the Lessee shall pay the agreed monthly rent to the Lessor on or before 5th of every month.  Tax, if any paid by the lessee will be deducted from the monthly rental as applicable.
D.          That the lease shall be for a period of ___ months commencing from __ October 2012.
E.           That the Lessee shall pay a sum of Rs._____/-(Rupees --- thousand only) as security deposit to the Lessor.  This amount carries no interest and is returnable to the Lessee on the termination of the lease.
F.           That the electricity charges related to the building occupied by the Lessee, and water charges will be borne by the Lessee. 
G.          For the purpose of giving any notice or sending any communication the address of each party as mentioned above shall be deemed to be the proper address on which such notice or communication is made.
H.          The Lessee shall not carry out any offensive trade or prohibited business in the premises let out to him.
I.             The Lessee shall be entitled to vacate the premises during the subsistence of the lease by giving three months advance notice to the Lessor. The Lessor shall on receiving the notice for termination of the lease, refund the amount paid as a security deposit on or before the date of termination of the lease after deducting amounts if need be, for any damages caused to the property, excluding that due to the normal wear and tear, which shall not in any event exceed half the monthly rental.
J.           That the Lessee shall on the expiry of this lease or on sooner determination thereof, quietly and peacefully deliver the possession of the property subject to the refund of the security deposit by the Lessor.
a)            That the Lessee on paying the rent hereby reserved and on observing and performing the several covenants and conditions on this part contained herein shall peacefully enjoy the demised premises together with all fixtures and fittings during the term of the lease without any interruption by the Lessor .
b)           That the Lessor  shall be responsible for the payment of all the existing and future property tax or any other tax payable in respect of the property.
c)       That the Lessor shall be responsible for payment of electricity bills and arrears if any, incurred in respect of the demised property prior to the occupation of the premises by the Lessee.
d)       That the Lessor may for any just and sufficient reasons be entitled to terminate the lease during the tenure of the lease by serving three months  advance  notice and returning the security deposit to` the Lessee.
e)       The Lessor shall be liable to pay an interest of 18%p.a for any delay in repayment of the security deposit. The period for calculation of interest shall be from the date of termination of the lease till the actual date of payment of the amount.

(i)       That if the rent hereby reserved or any part thereof shall remain unpaid for a period of three consecutive months after becoming payable, the Lessor has the right to determine the lease irrespective of the terms by which granted.
(ii)      That if the security deposit liable to be paid on the determination of the lease by the Lessor remains unpaid, the Lessee shall have the right to keep possession of the leased premises without prejudice to the recovery of interest till the entire amount along with interest is paid and shall also be entitled to take recourse to legal remedies to recover the same.........................................
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