Forms Under Industrial Dispute Act - Collection

                             Model Forms Under Industrial Dispute Act 1947

Form of application for reference of Industrial Dispute to Board of Conciliation or Court of Enquiry or Labour Court or Tribunal or National Tribunal U/S 10(2) of ID Act - Form A- Download

Agreement U/S 10-A of I D Act - Form C - Download

Notice of change of Service Condition proposed by Employer - Form E Download

Progress Progress Report on constitution and functioning of Works Committee for half-year ending - Form G1 Download

Form for Memorandum of Settlement - Form H Download

Complaint U/S 33-A of I D Act - Form I  Download

Application for permission under sub-sec (1) or (3) of  Section 33 of I D Act - Form J Download

Application Made by person authorized by workman / assignee / heir of deceased workman under sub-sec 1 of  Sec 33-C of ID Act- Form K2 Download

Application under sub sec (2) of Sec 33-C of ID Act- Form K3 Download

Application by person who is an assignee / heir of deceased  workman  under sub sec 2 of Sec 33.C of ID Act - Form K4 Download

Application under sub-sec 2 of Sec 33 of ID Act - Form K Download

Application under sub sec 1 of Sec 33-C of  ID Act - Form KI Download

Form of Notice of Strike to be given by Union/Workmen in Public Utility Service - Form L Download

Form of Notice of Lock-out to be given by Employer carrying on Public Utility Service - Form M Download

Form of Report of Strike or Lock-out in Public Utility Service - Form N Download

FORM - O-1 Download

FORM - O-2 Download

Form of application for permission to lay-off to continue lay-off  of workmen in industrial establishments to which provisions of  Chapter V-B of ID Act apply - Form O-3 Download

Form of notice for permission for retrenchment of workmen to be given  by employer under clause (d)J of sub-sec (1) of Sec 25-N  of ID Act - Form P-A Download

Form of Notice of Retrenchment to be given by employer under clause (c) of Sec 25-F of ID Act - Form P Download

Form of notice for permission of closure to be given by employer  under  sub-sec (I) of Sec 25-0 of ID Act - Form Q-A Download

Form of notice of closure to be given by employer U/S 25-FFA of ID Act - Form Q Download

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